Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Big Day...or is it?

Well, well , well...we finally made it to the 27th of January--Happy Birthday Grandaddy ;-)--and Miss Lailah is not here! So for all of you who voted she would not be on time, pat yourselves on the back! I must admit I had nooooooo faith that she would be here today, although it would have been nice! Nonetheless we're happy and healthy and eventually SHE WILL BE HERE!
I went to the hospital last night (don't laugh, I'm a first timer)because I hadn't felt the baby move all day..or if she had I was sleep and never knew.So rather than call my Auntie C (which I should have done) I called my doctor, went to the hospital, got hooked up to the machines, to discover SHE WAS FINE! I suppose I'm just becoming anxious.So I came home, talked to my aunt who made me feel MUCH better, ate some ice cream and an apple and went to sleep.
At our doctor's appt last week the midwife guessed LAH weighs about 7lbs..maybe I'll start another poll and see what others think.Other than that it was a pretty routine visit, nothing special. The real visit will be this coming Wednesday--to see if I've dialated any.
Soooooo....for now, no Lailah, but we'll see what happens in the next few days. Wish us luck!
Oooooooo....Miss Lailah did get a present this week from Great Aunt Chelette. A beautiful HAND KNIT blanket. Here it is

I also wanted to share a few pictures of Lailah's first cousin William Hayes Jr. He just turned 6 months, and is as cute as a button.He's crawling now, has two teeth, and into everything!


Chelette said...

Angel, thanks for the update. Waiting is the hardest thing, but remember what I told you, she will come when she is ready. The day is actually not over, you have 6hours and 15 minutes left to make something happen. I will be happy to know if you have started to dialate. It just all takes so much time, but you have come very far and you are so close, but you still have to wait.

Cute pics of the cousin. That will be nice to have someone close to her in age.

Your dad said today that the baby will come on February 8th and the next thing he said which I have no idea where it came from, but then we know your dad. He said it is a BOY. (LOL) you gotta love him.

The good thing is both of you are doing fine. I know the hardest part is waiting and it is easy for me to say, but one thing for sure she will be coming, we just dont know what day... but it will be soon. I know I was late with Laurin and the only thing I can remember was I knew they were not going to let me go pass 42 weeks.

So keep your cool and she will be here soon..

Love ya,

Chelette said...

So the joke is over, what is up.. I hear you are on your way to the hospital, just remember to stay calm. We will have pictures of Lailah soon. I hope you have something cute for her to put on when she gets home.
love ya.