Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

Lailah-Alease turned One year old today. I seem to be at a stand still, or in a daze. It literally seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home just as nervous as I could be...not sure what I had gotten myself into, and so scared I was gonna break her. And now she walks and talks (just can't understand her :-), she can get undressed and brush her teeth, and even tell you NO! when she doesn't want something. It's been amazing to see Lailah grow up as much as she has. We were able to have a birthday celebration for Lailah with family and a few friends. (Unfortunately everyone couldn't make we will have another party in DC). I'm not sure if Lai knew it was for her..but she definitely had fun. Here are a few photos of my TODDLER!!LOL..can't believe it.