Sunday, December 28, 2008

Look Who's Walking!!!

Sorry the video is a little on the dark side...bad lighting. However, Lailah has offically taken her first steps!! She actually started Christmas day but I wasn't able to get it on film..So please excuse me while I babyproof!!!LOL

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's fun to play at the Y M C A !!!!

Here's another one..

I took a few pics this week of Lai at daycare...thought I would share. Lailah absolutely loves going to the Y, and I'm sooo happy. I was worried about her crying alot or missing me. But it seems like I'm the one missing her!!LOL

All bundled up and ready to go!

In the house, just messing around

Thursday, December 4, 2008


On Thursday, November 6, 2008 I lost my father. He was 57 years old, and will be missed dearly. It's so funny because now when I look at Lailah I see him. I am thankful that he was able to meet Lailah. Although this is an extremely hard thing to come to terms with, I am happy knowing that his soul is at rest.

On the sweeter side of things, Miss Lailah is a few days shy of 10 months and TONS (literally,LOL :-) of fun. She is alllll over the place bouncing, and dancing, and babbling. She weighs about 21lbs now and is 27 inches long. She is pulling up on furniture and cruising against actual steps on her own as of yet. She has six teeth, and knows how to use them! There is never a dull moment when Lai is awake. I think she's going to be a dancer because whenever music comes she starts bouncing. It's like she can't help herself.Soooo cute.

It's really a cool thing to see her grow up right in front of my eyes. I like to see how she responds to things and tries to figure them out. She first locks her eyes on whatever it is that she wants and then starts a turbo crawl towards it. She fiddles with it for a few seconds with her little fingers..and then straight to the mouth! She's such a happy baby and I truly thank God for that.

Sooo..I got a job working at the YMCA (before and after school care).I like it alot. Mostly I like the fact that Lailah can go there. She is in the infant-12mos room. the first few days were rough, but she's getting along just fine now. As a new mom, it's so frustrating dealing with her being sick all the time..but I'm told it will help build her immune system. I have tons of pics..and hopefully some video coming soon.

Kodak Smile


@ the YMCA

I caught you Lailah!!

And oh yeah....MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!!!! Yayy for Barack Obama!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking News!!!!

Lailah-Alease Hayes is 7 months old...and CRAWLING!!!! We were sitting in the living room earlier this evening and she spotted a green barette across the floor. Once she fixed her eyes on it, she got on all fours and crawled right on she had been doing it all along! So everybody cheer for Lailah (and pray for me...there's no stopping her now!LOL)

Video coming soon..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

She's Got Personality!!!

Okay, before you guys say anything..I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry it's been this long since I've updated, but finally I've got some new pics!!

Miss Lailah is approaching her 7 month of life, and is EXTREMELY ACTIVE! At her sixth month check up, she weighed in at 17.5 lbs and measured at 26 inches long. The doctor said she's a perfect size and right on track!Although she's not crawling yet she is a professional sitter-upper and loves to stand. Lailah is still nursing, but also wants everything we eat! She claps her hands and tries to say "Yaaay!" and even mumbling Dadadadada. She is so much fun, always squealing and smiling, and still putting everything in her mouth. We started a Gymboree class on Saturdays and soon will start an Aquatic class at the YMCA. I love this age, she is full of energy (although I do miss the naps :-x). I have some pics to share, and professional pics are soon to come. Enjoy.

Lai's funny face

6month Check-up


Time to Eat!!!

Knocked Out

Here are a few extras..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay, so I know I've been slippin on the update. Lailah and I have recently relocated, so we're trying to get adjusted...apologies nontheless.

Miss Lailah is doing JUST FINE! She's 4 1/2 month now, about 16lbs, and 25 inches long. At her last check up the doctor asked "Is her father tall?" All I could do was laugh :). But hey..maybe she'll be taller than both of us and join the WNBA. LOL. In the past month Lailah has developed sooo much. She laughs a little, found her feet, and can hold that big head up too! We do "tummy time" everyday..still no crawling, but we're working on it. I am also sad to report, still no bottle :(. I'm going to keep trying...she's just so stubborn, wonder where she got that from?! :-x:-) She sleeps thru the nite and wakes up at the crack of dawn playing. She's been on her first train ride, and even a few hours alone with Dad. I was soo nervous..but she's still in one piece.
Not much else to report..and I'm sorry there are no pics, but they are soon to come. I can assure you she's still cute as a button, and getting fatter every day!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My First Mother's Day

I don't mean to be cheesy or cliche', but being a mom is so amazing. It's only been three months, but these past three months have been the most fulfilling months of my life. I watch her grow and see how she's starting to explore things and she's just so happy. I love the way she stares at me so innocently and then smiles (she's so silly). I'm so excited to see what's going to happen next. I keep reading ahead in my book to see what to expect. Lailah-Alease is such a blessing in my life, I whole-heartedly treasure every moment we spend together. I used to hear people say "I thank God everyday for..." and I never believed them.I would think "thats impossible, you must forget sometimes". But I honestly thank God EVERY SINGLE DAY for my daughter. She's my heart, and motivates me to go back to school, and pursue my goal of becoming a teacher. Some people may say the timing was wrong, but I say she came at the perfect at time in my life, and restored my faith in so many things that I had begun to lose sight of.
I spent part of my Mother's Day with my mom and we had lunch. Soon after, Lailah and I got dressed and spent the rest of the day with Omar.My first Mother's Day was beautiful, I really felt appreciated and blessed at the same time.

A Gift from Omar

too cute..


Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay, so we're appoaching 3 months and all is well, except Lailah WON'T TAKE A BOTTLE! It wasn't until my birthday that I realized IT'S TIME! I tried, and tried, and tried again to give this little lady a bottle, and she screamed, and screamed, and screamed. So after about 45 mins I succumbed to her demands and gave her the breast. HELP ME! I know, I know, I know..I was all about the breast, but no one told me that this would happen! (gotta blame it on somebody) So I'm not giving up, I am determined to get Lailah on a bottle, and am asking for suggestions.

There's not much to report this week other than that Lailah is steadily growing and changing everyday. We spent 2 weeks in PA with Dad and got to see a few family members. Lailah got to spend some much needed time with her father, and even came back with a new "toy". Here are a few pics

Activity Jungle

Lailah and Cousin Mckenzie

Lailah and Aunt Rebecca

Lailah and Cousin Lisa

Lailah and her Dad

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick Update

Lailah-Alease had a well visit at the doctor last week and she weighed in at 11 lbs 14 ounces, 22 and 3/4 inches, and the circumference of her head was 15 1/2 inches! So she has gained roughly about 2.5 lbs in the last month, and grown about an inch. I guess the breast milk is doing her body good :-)

She also had to get four shots, and an oral vaccine. I have to admit that I cried...It was just so hard to hear her cry the way she did. Nonetheless, the crying ceased, but was followed by MAJOR CRANKINESS!!! Thankfully I am here to tell the story, so we must have made it thru!

Other than that, all is well. Mommy and Baby are doing just fine. I swear I have the most active infant. She may be two months, but her actions say otherwise. There's absolutely no holding her like a baby, you know..cradle style.She cannot sit still, she must be looking around, and trying to sit up like a big girl. It's funny to see her lift her big head up and try and hold it. We're going to PA to spend some time with Dad, so..until next time ;-)


Still Trying..

Uh oh, Needing a break

Looking for help,lol

Last Try


Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday!!

Today marks Lailah's 2 month "birthday". I know it sounds cliche', but the time is moving soo fast. It seems like just last week I was being induced, and now my little angel is 2 months old. She's changed soo much in these past few weeks. She smiles...great big smiles, she coos and squeals (which is nice alternative to cryng). It's just a really amazing experience to watch her grow. This past week she found her head, so now she's into pulling her hair. And when I put her on her tummy the other day, she lifted on both hands for about 10 seconds. I guess it's time to get a video camera!

We go to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup, and four shots!!! I'm interested to see how much the munchkin has gained since her last visit...I'm guessing she'll be around 11lbs, but we shall see. Ive got a "first time mommy" story.... So I'm bathing Lailah the other night (great tip for sleeping by the way, thanx) and everything is going fine. She's calm, smiling at me..all is right with the world. Then I start the shampoo and I got water in her ear. So she starts wailing, I start freaking out and immediately take her out of the tub, turn her on the side where the water got in, and began to pat. So about five minutes passes by and the kid is fine. The mommy however is in ultimate panic mode! I asked EVERYBODY what I should do. Omar says "Call the doctor Angel, make an appointment!", my mom says "Do you want to go to the emergency room?" and finally I get in contact with my voice of reason, Auntie C! And she says "is she crying?" So I say "no" (in a pitiful voice). Then she follows with "Angel,DON'T GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND DON'T CALL THE DOCTOR!Maybe she'll be a swimmer now" LOL. So just like Aunt Chelette said, Lailah was fine, and soon after fell asleep. I guess I'll learn when to call the doctor and when not to..
Other than that everything is going well. She is consistently sleeping through the night, eating on schedule, and continuing to advance more and more.
Here are a few pics we took this week..

Getting ready to go for a walk..

Grandma and Trish tagged along

Playing dress up...

Getting changed..

Napping with Cousin Bill

Smile for Mommy

Looking like Daddy...

"Okay Mom, enough with the camera!"