Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday!!

Today marks Lailah's 2 month "birthday". I know it sounds cliche', but the time is moving soo fast. It seems like just last week I was being induced, and now my little angel is 2 months old. She's changed soo much in these past few weeks. She smiles...great big smiles, she coos and squeals (which is nice alternative to cryng). It's just a really amazing experience to watch her grow. This past week she found her head, so now she's into pulling her hair. And when I put her on her tummy the other day, she lifted on both hands for about 10 seconds. I guess it's time to get a video camera!

We go to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup, and four shots!!! I'm interested to see how much the munchkin has gained since her last visit...I'm guessing she'll be around 11lbs, but we shall see. Ive got a "first time mommy" story.... So I'm bathing Lailah the other night (great tip for sleeping by the way, thanx) and everything is going fine. She's calm, smiling at me..all is right with the world. Then I start the shampoo and I got water in her ear. So she starts wailing, I start freaking out and immediately take her out of the tub, turn her on the side where the water got in, and began to pat. So about five minutes passes by and the kid is fine. The mommy however is in ultimate panic mode! I asked EVERYBODY what I should do. Omar says "Call the doctor Angel, make an appointment!", my mom says "Do you want to go to the emergency room?" and finally I get in contact with my voice of reason, Auntie C! And she says "is she crying?" So I say "no" (in a pitiful voice). Then she follows with "Angel,DON'T GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND DON'T CALL THE DOCTOR!Maybe she'll be a swimmer now" LOL. So just like Aunt Chelette said, Lailah was fine, and soon after fell asleep. I guess I'll learn when to call the doctor and when not to..
Other than that everything is going well. She is consistently sleeping through the night, eating on schedule, and continuing to advance more and more.
Here are a few pics we took this week..

Getting ready to go for a walk..

Grandma and Trish tagged along

Playing dress up...

Getting changed..

Napping with Cousin Bill

Smile for Mommy

Looking like Daddy...

"Okay Mom, enough with the camera!"


Chelette said...

Awwwwwwww, my pookie.. Glad to see you made it through the water episode. You are progressing very nicely. Lailah take care of your mother.

Lailah-Alease said...

LOL..yes, we made it through!