Thursday, March 27, 2008

So, its been a little while since I've blogged.Miss Lailah is doing just fine, growing more and more each day. We've been some busy girls these last 2 weeks. We spent about a week in DC, and then a week in PA with Dad. Now we're back home and trying to get readjusted.So far, so good. She's sleeping from about 12ish to around 6am.Yayy!!!I'm sorry to say that I dont have any Easter pics..but i do have some from our trip..enjoy.

LAH and Auntie LoLo

Here's Lailah with Auntie Lette, wrapped in her beautiful hand-knit blanket

LAH with Cousin Tear & Baby MJ

Grandpa Bridges

Grandma Bridges

And here's the kid! We're just relaxing in the house today..

Me and my princess..


Chelette said...

Great pics of the family. I guess it is time for another visit soon.. Getting close to 2 months old... How is the transition to the crib coming along???

Chelette said...

Lailah, we miss you. tell your mother that you miss me too and you want to come to DC to see your favorite Auntie.

cici said...

ahhh she's smiling... nice pictures.. she is growing so fast

Nerry said...

LOL!! I finally figured out how to leave a comment. Lailah is PERFECT!!! Some of her mean looks look like Uncle Nelson. Such a cutie Pie. I think she will be a schweetie like her Momma.