Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay, so I know I've been slippin on the update. Lailah and I have recently relocated, so we're trying to get adjusted...apologies nontheless.

Miss Lailah is doing JUST FINE! She's 4 1/2 month now, about 16lbs, and 25 inches long. At her last check up the doctor asked "Is her father tall?" All I could do was laugh :). But hey..maybe she'll be taller than both of us and join the WNBA. LOL. In the past month Lailah has developed sooo much. She laughs a little, found her feet, and can hold that big head up too! We do "tummy time" everyday..still no crawling, but we're working on it. I am also sad to report, still no bottle :(. I'm going to keep trying...she's just so stubborn, wonder where she got that from?! :-x:-) She sleeps thru the nite and wakes up at the crack of dawn playing. She's been on her first train ride, and even a few hours alone with Dad. I was soo nervous..but she's still in one piece.
Not much else to report..and I'm sorry there are no pics, but they are soon to come. I can assure you she's still cute as a button, and getting fatter every day!!!