Sunday, December 28, 2008

Look Who's Walking!!!

Sorry the video is a little on the dark side...bad lighting. However, Lailah has offically taken her first steps!! She actually started Christmas day but I wasn't able to get it on film..So please excuse me while I babyproof!!!LOL


Auntie C said...

I am so excited... go Lailah. go Lailah... this is so exciting.. I cant wait to see you do this in person.

Auntie C

Laurin J. said...

Awww look at my fatness!!! I'm so happy she's walking now!!! How cute! Oh lord. Lai's walking. The world ain't ready for this terror in the making ;-)

Love ya,
Auntie LoLo!

Auntie C said...

I had to come back again and see Baby Lailah,love the video.

cici said...

omgoodness... This is beautiful. GO Lai Lah Go Lai Lah.... It's all over now.8)

Nerry said...

OMG she looks like NPJ on one of his late nights. LOL!!! This is GREAT!!! Technology is soooo wonderful. Even though we aren't there we can still share in the special moments. Thanks for sharing and thinking about us. Love y'all 2 life!!