Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Inspiration

Hello...this blog spot is inspired by Miss Lailah A. Hayes (the one in the belly). However it was my Auntie C who put me on to the world of blogging. Although I am documenting a little late..9 months late to be exact, there's no better time like the present. In a few weeks I'll have some pics of LAH..Lailah Alease Hayes. For now I have a few pictures from my baby shower. We had so much fun..good friends, good food, good laughs.

I'm kind of at a loss for words (a rare occasion),I guess I'm just not really sure what to "blog" about. Hmmmm....well let's see. Like I said before, I'm 9 months pregnant with what they tell me should come out a girl...but we'll see. LOL. I've known since the beginning of June. I was overwhelmed at the thought at first--but quickly became excited about the path my life was taking me down. So then came the morning..I mean ALL DAY sickness, which stopped right after my Miami trip in August.

Then I went back to school at Delaware State University to finish out the fall semester. As the months passed by, the more I grew. I think it was around early October when I began to feel little flutters in my tummy...and before I knew it the flutters had turned into vigorous kicks and punches. It was November when we found out we were expecting a girl, none other than LAH! Of course the moment of truth comes when the Doctor officially says "it's a girl", but for the record..I was saying it all along. Omar(that's Dad) and I even had a bet..still waiting on my fortune!

In December I moved off campus into a 3 bedroom house with my mom. Once the house is FULLY together, I'll get some pics up. Anyway...December flew by and the tummy continued to grow. We had a nice, quiet Christmas in PA, and ended our month with a beautiful baby shower in D.C. We had a blast...we played games, ate good food, and were blessed with EVERYTHING Miss LA needs to start off life.

Now it's January..and the countdown has officially begun. My tummy has reached maximum capacity and I'm becoming anxious more and more each day...


cici said...

Thank you... thank you.. now we can all share in the coming events

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

I will check this website everday for updates as we await the blessed event. As you know, we cannot wait for her to get here, but in the meantime enjoy the quiet time because that is all about to change, but the change is such a beautiful thing you will not even jump at the 2:00 am feedings. love you.. Auntie C

Chelette said...

Great web site, love the idea...

aokicarter said...


LOVE YA!!!!!!!

aokicarter said...

p.s. this is Tamika if you did not know!!!!!

cici said...

It's getting soooo close! I know you are excited. While waiting with eager anticipation I just want to stop and reflect on this young woman that has blossomed into motherhood, because that in itself is surreal. My first memory of you that I can actually picture (because I was a kid myself and how much do you actually pay attention to when you are a kid), our family was visiting Louisiana and you were a baby, and I can just picture you sucking that little finger of yours (I believe index finger), I mean it was practically raw from you not wanting to take it out of your mouth. You’ve come along way Angel, dear. :-D From the looks of the pictures you seem to be doing well which is always good. Enjoy little Lailah, she will grow so fast you’ll wonder where the time has gone, because time travels at, what seems to feel like, the speed of light when you are busy taking care of the love of your life.

A baby is a Blessing
It’s a joy to watch it grow,
To see its little toothless smile
And count each tiny toe.

A baby is a blessing,
For its life is bright and new;
Just by being here it gives
Our lives new purpose too.

A baby is a blessing,
For when faith or hope is gone,
A baby clearly signifies
God’s wish that life go on.

(I didn’t write it, it’s just a poem I’ve had sitting up at my desk since Kayla was born many many moons ago.)

I can't wait to see you and Baby Lailah. :-D Love Cousin Isha

Brittney Cottingham said...

I can't believe that this small innocent being who I took to her first Doc's appt to get shots (when mommy was very sad..awww) is already turning 1..It seems like just yesterday that u were callin' me (still drugged up) and tellin' me that YOUR Little ANGEL was finally here. I could tell in your voice that she meant the world to you and also to your then and still now Bestie...I wish you all the joy and happiness in the years to come. Congrats again to Mommy and Daddy...LOVE U ALWAYS, and HAPPY B-DAY PUMPKIN PIE

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel... this is Vineecia. I saw ur blog a while ago when u were still on FB and decided to see if u updated it after I came across old SFDS cheerleading pics and thought wow, we're adults now, my how time flies! And speaking of that, I see that ur baby is now 1 year old already! I just wanted to say Congratulations on having such a beautiful daughter and being a wonderful mother. Many blessings!