Monday, February 18, 2008

So, my little Angel is 10 days old now and everyday there's a new experience. Today she pooped all over my bed..what a joy! I guess when I put that diaper on at 6am (half sleep by the way) it wasn't as tight as I We had a busy weekend..tons of visitors. Lailah got to meet her great Auntie C, auntie Laurin, Tiffany and Damali, Grandpa, Great Grandma Carter...the list goes on and on. So of course there were tons of pics taken. Here are a few...

Superdad (self proclaimed)

Great Grandma

Auntie LoLo

Great Auntie C



Chelette said...

I wanted to kidnap her. I think I will the next time I see her. She is a precious little baby --a real sweetie. I cannot wait until I see her again soon.

Auntie C

Laurin J. said...

Awww my boo!!! I'm glad I finally got to meet her. She's soo cute and tiny! I can't wait to see her again!!!

Give her more xoxo

Auntie LoLo!!

cici said...

Congrats.... how beautifully Lailah has presented herself to us.. I await my chance to hold and look into her face... Take good care of her. What a prescious gift she is to behold. Thanks for keeping us who can't be there her progress.

Nerry said...

OHMIGOODNESS what a bundle of joy!! I told Chelette I think Miss Lailah has been here before. On one of the pics her eyes were wide open as she reached for the toy. Ten day old babies do NOT do that. Thanks for keeping the page updated it's almost like being there. Well not quite but close.

Kiss Baby Lailah for me and who knows maybe she will develop vocals like my girl Lailah Hathaway! LOL!! Love you Angel keep and remember to STAY FOCUSED even when she poops on your bed. In the long run it will be worth it.