Thursday, March 5, 2009


Since turning 1 yr old just one short month ago, I have seen Lailah grow so much.She is learning to play by herself and allow me to get things done, she enjoys exploring EVERYTHING! and she even sits down to hear stories now. Lailah has tons of fun at daycare playing on the slide and with her friends, and she even enjoys bathtime now! I took a few pics/video from daycare, our trip to dc, and a little bathtime fun I also have a few pictures from the hospital.. Lailah had pneumonia a few weeks ago. It was very scary, but I am happy to say she is doing much better, and back to her normal playful self. Enjoy..

Lai Lai in the hospital

Playing in the house..

A trip to DC/MD

DayCare Fun..

Bathtime Fun..

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Auntie C said...

Lailah, just wanted you to know that the next time you come to DC. I will be kidnapping you for sure! We will be hanging out and no one will be able to find us.. Hope to see you soon.. Love the video